Ross’ India Travel Blog – Part 4

At the time of writing I have left Mumbai and am now travelling by bus from Delhi to Jaipur. As I take the opportunity to explore more of India by myself, I thought I’d write one more blog post to collect my thoughts about everything I’ve seen and experienced in Mumbai. I realise a common theme throughout my writing has been about all the contrasts in Mumbai. It’s an idea that’s stuck with since the moment I landed and has only gotten stronger as I’ve explored more of the city.


Destination TOMS

TOMS UK hosted its annual Destination TOMS training experience in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Dublin. In the London and Dublin events, Magic Bus, as one of TOMS’ 90 Giving Partners worldwide, were invited to talk about the role of one (Giving Partner) in their One for One Business Model. Vic was our representative as the guest speaker for the London event while the Dublin leg was attended by Jenson.


Ladies First

Magic Bus UK is proud to announce our official partnership with the short documentary film Ladies First. Ladies First, created by Uraaz Bahl and Shaana Levy-Bahl, tells the story of Deepika Kumari, one of India’s leading athletes and one of the greatest archers in the world. This amazing documentary tells Deepika’s story, from growing up in poverty, discovering a love of archery, overcoming opposition and discrimination, escaping poverty and competing in the Rio 2016 Olympics.


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