Freeing Children From Poverty, Creating Brighter Futures

What We Do

The Magic Bus Programme uses a special combination of Physical Activity, Play, Sport and Mentoring to engage with children and young people living in poverty. Through our sessions, we teach important life lessons that will help those taking part to escape poverty.

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How You Can Help

Magic Bus relies on the generous support of our donors to help children and young people in Southern Asia escape poverty and live happier lives. There are lots of ways that you can help improve the life of a child living in poverty – the Magic starts with you!

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Where We Work

Magic Bus is working with over 380,000 children across four countries: India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar. In each of these countries, children and young people are trapped in poverty, with little hope of escape without a positive intervention.

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Magic Bus relies on the generous support of individuals to fund our work with children and young people living in poverty in India.

£5 will help one child stay in school for a year
£20 can enable one child to go through the Magic Bus programme for one year
£55 can provide three children with a full education up to the end of secondary school, sparing them from the horrors of child marriage and child labour
£140 can train one young person as a Magic Bus Community Youth Leader, leading life-changing sessions for children from marginalised communities for a year
£1,000 can empower a village of 50 children to take part in the Magic Bus programme for a year

The Magic Bus Journey – An Animation

Join 12 year old Seema as she starts her journey from Childhood to Livelihood. This is not an easy journey, one with many challenges and obstacles, but Magic Bus is with her every step of the way. This wonderful animation, narrated by our founder Matthew...

Ross’ India Travel Blog – Part 4

Click Here to Go Back To Part 3! Hello Magic Bus supporters!   At the time of writing I have left Mumbai and am now travelling by bus from Delhi to Jaipur. As I take the opportunity to explore more of India by myself, I thought I'd write one...

Ross’ India Travel Blog – Part 3

Click Here to Go Back To Part 2! Hello Magic Bus supporters! This entry has turned out to be even longer than the last (I had a particularly busy Day 4!) so lets just dive right in! Day 3: Most of today was spent at the Magic Bus office, giving...

Ross’ India Travel Blog – Part 2

Click Here to Go Back To Part 1! Hello Magic Bus supporters! I want to prefece this part of my blog by saying that it's a little long. I tried editing it down, but there's too much I want to say that I don't want to take out. So heads up!...

Ross’ India Travel Blog – Part 1

Hello Magic Bus supporters! I’m Ross, Magic Bus UK’s Information Coordinator. If you’ve ever looked around our website, read our seasonal newsletter, or just seen a Magic Bus UK post on social media, then you will have seen some of my work! Right now, I’m...
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