Being a corporate partner enables the Indian diaspora to have an impactful legacy by giving back to their ancestral roots or a meaningful geography where you might have family or do business. Your CSR funding fuels the Magic Bus vision to expand its work in some of the most marginalised communities in urban and rural India where funding is desperately needed. We have a nationwide footprint, and our ambition is to reach every community.

Magic Bus corporate partnerships are key to our success. Your CSR funding and multi-year investment in our programme enables us to deliver transformational impact at scale in India.

Each partnership is unique. When you partner with Magic Bus we take a bespoke, tailored approach to understanding your company, business objectives and employees.

We will take time to understand what motivates you and what drives your company’s CSR agenda. We then match your CSR objectives to a specific programme, community or geography and develop KPIs for your funded programme.

Benefits of Partnering with Magic Bus

Supporting vulnerable young people in India 
By equipping young people with the life skills and education they need to break the cycle of poverty you will enable them to thrive from childhood to livelihood in support of our vision of a world where all young people can lead fulfilling, rewarding lives, contributing positively to their communities.  
Connection to your funded programme 
Magic Bus is unique because we deliver your programme with our team on the ground in a specific community or geography that you have a family or business connection to. You will have direct access to not only the mentors, youth leaders and others who are working with the young people on your programme, but we connect you with the young people themselves. So, you can see your programme in action first hand. 

Fulfilling your CSR Objectives and Organisational Values
Your CSR contribution will provide positive societal value globally and build positive brand awareness for your company. It offers the opportunity for your company to truly live by its values.

Employee Engagement
We offer skills-based, community and mentoring volunteering opportunities to India based companies to drive employee engagement. Employee engagement opportunities strengthen relationships, retention and connection.

Brand Association and Awareness
Working with Magic Bus associates your brand with India’s leading charity driving transformational impact in education, gender equality, employment, and life skills. You will join our extensive cohort of corporate partners and have the opportunity to attend networking and thought leadership events.

Partner Testimonial

Pearl Diver Capital is proud to work in partnership with Magic Bus to directly impact the lives of 2,000 children in the underserved communities of Garden Reach, in Kolkata. This community is in the port, far away from any other major business, so CSR funding is desperately needed. We are from Bengal, and it is important to us to give something back to a community that is close to our hearts.

We know this community struggles with early school dropout, child marriage and child labour so we are pleased to be able to empower and impact those children who need our help the most.

We went to Kolkata in April 2024 and met the Magic Bus team running our programme. We also spent time in the community and met the young people who will benefit from the Peal Diver Capital programme. There is nothing like this, it makes you feel you are doing the right thing.

At Pearl Diver Capital our mission is to drive society forward and with Magic Bus we have found a programme that does this in a community that urgently needs so much help. This collaborative partnership is especially important to Pearl Diver Capital and represents our deep commitment to corporate philanthropy and to Magic Bus.  

Neil Basu, CEO & Managing Partner, Pearl Diver Capital

To make a real impact for adolescents and young people living in poverty in India today through your CSR, contact [email protected]

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