This journey, which will allow children and young people to leave poverty behind, has five important parts:

Life Skills Education

Teaching children and young people skills like teamwork, problem-solving, learning to learn, and communication skills that will help them face life’s challenges and threats like child marriage.

Education Enhancement

Helping children improve their basic literacy and numeracy, so that they can get the most out of their education and succeed in school.

Employability Skills Education

Teaching children and young people skills like spoken English, financial & digital literacy, and providing career counselling to help prepare them for the workplace.

Livelihood Connect

Help young people find jobs in the Retail, IT, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and E-Commerce industries, and provide post-employment support to help stay employed.

Community Connect

Engaging with parents and local communities to help them continue to support the dreams and aspirations of their children.

The first stop on the Magic Bus journey is the Adolescent Programme, for children aged 12 to 17.

Designed to teach children the skills they need to succeed in life, our main programme was created with one basic fact in mind: that children love to play.

By using physical activities, sports and games as a hook, our special Magic Bus sessions are teaching important lessons about staying healthy respecting others, numeracy, literacy and communication. Each session, run within the local community, includes a number of fun activities specially designed to help teach that day’s lesson. The session then ends with a chance for everyone to have chat about what they have learned.

Community Youth Leaders

Every session is run by a local Magic Bus Community Youth Leader (CYL). Our CYLs are young volunteers from the same communities where we run our sessions, and they serve as mentors and role models to the children on the programme, and work with parents and the community to ensure that kids get the most out of the sessions.

As part of Magic Bus commitment to Gender Equality, all our sessions give boys and girls the ability to mix and play with together, ensuring that everyone learns the importance of respecting each other from a young age, and giving girls the confidence to stand up for themselves.

The final stop on the Magic Bus journey is our Livelihood Programme, for young people aged 18 and over living in poverty, who need support finding a secure job.

Young people receive one-to-one support that includes careers counselling to help identify their dream job, and help building a plan to achieve it. Then to help support their plan, we provide young people with the skills they need to find work and succeed in the workplace. This includes skills such as CV writing, interview technique, spoken English, teamwork and communication.

The Livelihood Programme also offers young people a chance to take part in a placement with local businesses to gain much needed work experience. Magic Bus’ placement partners includes companies like KidZania, Marks & Spencer, and WHSmith.

Our goal is to help young people living in poverty find a secure job, one that offers an oopportunity to succeed, achieeve their goals, and leave poverty behind for good.


Together we can create a world where children break free of poverty and lead fulfilling, rewarding lives.

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