Visiting Kolkata

Today I visited the Panchantala cluster located in the Dhakuria community of Kolkata. It is in this community where Magic Bus runs a Manchester City’s Cityzens Giving project.Today’s session was facilitated by the Community Youth Leader, Abhishek and Youth Mentor Sneha. The session had about 25 children of about 16 boys and 9 girls, in a session focused on social skills and emotional development.


#5000Miles2Mumbai Update

A little over 3 months after setting off, Joe & Verity are quickly catching up on the half way point of their epic journey cycling the 5000 miles from London to Mumbai. All along their route they’ve discovered that friendship and hospitality transcends culture and language (and sometimes species!), and we’re sure they will never forget all they’ve seen and done.


The Magic Bus Journey – An Animation

Join 12 year old Seema as she starts her journey from Childhood to Livelihood. This is not an easy journey, one with many challenges and obstacles, but Magic Bus is with her every step of the way. This wonderful animation, narrated by our founder Matthew Spacie, describes in perfect detail, every step of the Magic Bus programme and how we support children and young people on their journey out of poverty.


Ross’ India Travel Blog – Part 3

Hello Magic Bus supporters! This entry has turned out to be even longer than the last (I had a particularly busy Day 4!) so lets just dive right in! Day 3: Most of today was spent at the Magic Bus office, giving me time to get some work done for the UK office, meet more wonderful Magic Bus staff, work on the blog and digest everything I saw yesterday. As I alluded to in my last post, my feelings about what I saw, both good and bad, were not tempered by a good night’s sleep.


Ross’ India Travel Blog – Part 2

Hello Magic Bus supporters! I want to prefece this part of my blog by saying that it’s a little long. I tried editing it down, but there’s too much I want to say that I don’t want to take out. So heads up! Additionally, I worry that I come across as a little dramatic at times. That being said, the thoughts and feelings I describe are a genuine reaction to a what I feel is a dramatic sight, and it would be a diservice to both you and me if I tried to disguise that.


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