Magic Bus is proud to be taking part in the 2019 Street Child Cricket World Cup (SCCWC). Taking place in London and Cambridge ahead of the ICC Cricket World Cup, the SCCWC will see 10 teams of street-connected children from around the world will represent their countries, compete for cricketing glory, and make their voices heard to help improve the lives of street children worldwide.

Four young people from Mumbai, two boys and two girls, will represent Magic Bus and Team South India alongside their teammates from Chennai and the charity Karunalaya. Together, they’ll compete with a chance to play in the SCCWC final at Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Our four young people, Shama, Bhavani, Irfan, and Mani, come from the Mumbai neighbourhood of Mankhurd, located next to one of the city’s oldest and largest rubbish dumps. Surrounded by mountains of garbage, and lacking basic necessities like clean water, healthcare, or education, children and young people growing up there face a life filled with disease and hopelessness.

Today, Magic Bus is working hard with children and young people living in Mankhurd to give them a brighter future, ensuring they attend school and helping girls avoid becoming trapped in child marriages. Our four cricketers from Mankhurd will help us support their community when they compete in the SCCWC. They’ll give a voice to the stories that remain unheard, of the struggles that remain behind the closed doors of millions of households living in poverty in India. When they return home to Mankhurd, they’ll be leaders within their community and role models that will give hope to many that a brighter future is possible.

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