Introducing The Scale Programme

As part of Magic Bus’ ongoing efforts to help as many children in India as possible learn the skills and get the support they need to leave poverty behind, we’ve started working with India’s state governments to develop the Scale Programme.

Together with our state partners, we’re embedding the Magic Bus approach to personal development directly into school curriculums by training teachers to deliver the Magic Bus programme in classrooms and on school playgrounds.

So far we’ve started working with over 2,000 teachers at 1,000 schools in Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Mahrashtra, Mizoram, Odisha and Rajasthan, and we expect even more states to follow. As a result, we are on course to reach over 3,000,000 children by early 2024.

Check out the video below to hear from the students themselves, from Mahrashtra to Mizoram, about the positive impact they’re experiencing thanks to Magic Bus and the Scale Programme.