Finding a Brighter Future - Ziyaul's Story

Ziyaul Mustafa lives in the district of Lal Kuan, on the fringes of South Delhi, a place with a notorious reputation for crime and criminality. It’s here that Ziyaul, his parents and six siblings survived on the meagre income brought in by Ziyaul’s father, one of India’s growing population of “landless farmers”. As the eldest son in the family, Ziyaul is expected to shoulder the responsibility of helping his father support the family. Growing up in Lal Kuan, the temptation had always existed to join many of his peers and use petty crime as a way to help his family, running the risk of becoming trapped in criminality for his whole life.

But with the support of Magic Bus, Ziyaul has chosen to follow a better path, one that will allow him and his family to leave poverty behind. For a number of years, Ziyaul had been taking part in the local Magic Bus sessions, and in 2015 he became a Community Youth Leader. For the next three years, Ziyaul volunteered to help run the same sessions that he had benefitted from and give support to children and young people just like him in Lal Kuan.

In 2018, Ziyaul successfully passed his secondary school exams (known as the 12th Standard Exams) and it was time to seriously start thinking about his future. He already knew he didn’t want to take part in crime and was committed to helping his family as much as he could, as soon as possible.

A Magic Bus session in Delhi

Working on teamwork skills at the Magic Bus & Wimbledon Foundation Livelihood Centre

As a Community Youth Leader, Ziyaul had heard all about the Magic Bus Livelihood Programme, and after a visit to the Magic Bus & Wimbledon Foundation Livelihood Centre in nearby Tughlakabad, had no hesitation signing up. Over the next two months, the Centre helped Ziyaul learn those skills that would help him find work and succeed in the workplace, such as communication skills, computer literacy, and spoken English, skills he developed with tremendous enthusiasm.

Thanks to the support of Magic Bus and the Wimbledon Foundation, Ziyaul now has a permanent job with a local restaurant chain, where he is earning around £125 a month. Not only does this money contribute to his family’s welfare, Ziyaul is using his earnings to cover the tuition fees for three of his siblings, giving them an opportunity to succeed as he has done.

Graduates from the Magic Bus & Wimbledon Foundation Livelihood Centre in South Delhi

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