Trusts and Foundations

Magic Bus’ partnerships with charitable trusts and foundations have already helped us reach out to thousands of children and young people living in poverty in India. They have enabled us to increase the school attendance of whole communities, empower girls and break down gender barriers, convey vital health messages to prevent disease and link young people with training and jobs.


There are several ways your trust or foundation can support Magic Bus and in return we will provide you with regular reports on the progress of Magic Bus’ work in the area your funds are supporting.

Ways to support:

Fund an impact area
If your trust or foundation specialises in one of Magic Bus’ impact areas of gender equality, education, health or livelihood we can restrict your funding to this specific area.

Fund our Livelihoods programme
Magic Bus’ Livelihood programme links young people to job opportunities, training courses, skill-building forums and networks that allow them to explore their career options. This programme is part of the exit strategy of the Magic Bus programme both for young volunteers who have helped run the programme and for young people who have graduated from the programme.

To find out more about Magic Bus’ trust and foundation partnerships, contact Victoria at or 020 7922 7717.

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