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posted on - November 6, 2018


Give a Girl a Brighter Future this Holiday Season
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This Holiday Season, from the delights of Diwali to the carols of Christmas, Magic Bus UK is raising money to transform the lives of girls living in poverty in India.


Girls like Sita…

"At first glance itself, you could make out that Sita was not very well taken care of. She was dirty and unkempt, one of the hundreds of girls who grow up with no future..."

- Sita's Magic Bus Mentor

12-year-old Sita* lives in the slums outside Delhi in a makeshift structure, pulled together with plastic sheets and cement, with her family of seven. Here, girls are discouraged from going to school and with both parents in unskilled jobs, Sita grew up fending for herself. Without help, Sita was headed for child marriage like her mother before her.

For many, there seems no way out of this existence. Luckily for Sita, Magic Bus runs an activity-based programme near her home. Through these sessions, Sita got to play with girls and boys of her own age for the first time and learn all about the importance of going to school and keeping healthy.

With help and encouragement from her Magic Bus mentors, Sita is now brimming with confidence, excelling at school, and has the chance to lift herself and her family out of poverty for good.

"With Magic Bus I have realised the power in me, my capabilities, and my dreams. I want to set an example to other girls. That girls can also become something, can get educated, and have a job of their own choice."

This Holiday Season, you can #TransformALife and help a girl just like Sita find a way out of poverty. Just £2 a month can ensure a girl reguarly goes to school and gets the education she needs to escape poverty for good.

Together we can create a world
where children break free of poverty and lead fulfilling,
rewarding lives

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