Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 & Lockdown on India’s Children & Young People

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Magic Bus has been hard at work since March to adapt to the new reality that COVID-19 and the nationwide lockdown has created for India’s children & young people. We’ve changed our programme to ensure that we’re giving the right kind of help those who need it most. This includes delivering food supplies, distributing masks & hand sanitiser, and keeping families and communities informed about the best strategies to stay safe during this crisis.

In addition to distributing aid and support, we’ve been carrying out the Rapid Socio-Economic Survey (RSES) to learn more about the impact that COVID-19 and the Lockdown are having on families living in poverty across India.

After getting in touch with over 7,300 parents and adolescents, we’ve learned that:


of Households report they have no income during the lockdown.


of Households said they had food supplies that would last only for a week.


of Households have resorted to borrowing money for sustenance.


of Children say they miss going to school.

The results of the RSES will help us ensure that families living in poverty get the support they need to survive the lockdown, and how Magic Bus can help them start to recover once this crisis has ended.

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