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Celebrating the Fundraising Efforts of the UK's Young People

Magic Bus UK is delighted to announce that we have been chosen as Charity of the Year by two British university Student Associations: The Indian Society at Imperial College London, and Mentoring For Change. Below you can find out more about both of these fantastic associations, and what motivates them to help make a difference for children and young people in India.

If you’re a member of a Student Association, or know someone who is, and want to help improve the lives of children & young people living in poverty in South Asia, contact us at to let us know about your ideas and how we can help!

The Indian Society
@ Imperial College London

Tell us about the society.

Established in 1992, Imperial College London Indian Society is the largest student-run cultural society in the UK. We aspire to celebrate Indian culture and publicise our charities as much as possible through our shows and events. The society includes over 3000 current and alumni members and this number will only grow as the years go by.

How have you supported charities in the past?

Charity forms a core part of our society with the profits from all our events going towards charity organisations. Just last year, we raised approximately £6,000 pounds for Action Aid and Harmony House. This year, we look forward to supporting Magic Bus UK.

Why did you choose to support Magic Bus UK?

The Magic Bus mission of taking children and young people from a childhood of poverty and child labour, to a fulfilling, respectable life by teaching them life skills and resilience through games and sports and ensuring that their education is not compromised by their circumstances  is one that is very close to our hearts. Having had the good fortune of growing up in relatively comfortable circumstances, we can only imagine and sympathise with the struggles these children must go through. Therefore, we decided to support Magic Bus this year because Magic Bus is doing its part in levelling the playing field between children and young adults like us who have had a head start in life and the children who have had to fight at every corner to obtain basic human rights.

What fundraising activities do you have planned?

Just like every year, our plans for this academic year include our meet and greet dinner, Friction: our annual Bollywood club night, and our 2 hallmark events: Just Bollywood – the most prestigious Bollywood dance competition in the country- and our annual culture and variety show, East Meets West. Additionally, this year, we, along with 9 other cultural societies in Imperial are hosting a series of talks titled “Beyond Borders”. Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, this series hosts distinguished guest lecturers (on Zoom) who will cover the effects of British colonisation all over the world from Asia to Africa. We hope Covid-19 does not prevent us from being able to host all our planned events in their original form.

To learn more about ICL’s Indian Society, and support their fundraising efforts, you can visit their Website or check out their Facebook Page.

Mentoring For Change

Tell us about Mentoring for Change

We are a group of MBA students and professionals from various backgrounds and industries including tech, consulting, start-ups and telecommunications. We all share a common passion to teach and empower others to reach their potential. We also believe in the power of education and want to help underprivileged youth get access to education.

Mentoring for Change is an initiative to empower young professionals and university graduates to better understand their career journey and achieve their aspirations. 

In return, we ask mentees to pay it forward by donating towards the Magic Bus Foundation which is working with children of disadvantaged backgrounds to provide them an education and alleviate them from poverty.

Tell us about you and why you connected to Magic Bus’ cause?

I was born and raised in India. I did my undergrad degree in Singapore and worked there for about 5 years. I then lived and worked in the Netherlands for 2 years before moving to London to do my MBA. My career has spanned finance and ridesharing with Bloomberg and Uber.

I have had the chance of living in developed and developing countries. I have done a lot of work with driver communities during my time at Uber. I have also played a lot of competitive sport in my life. I believe in the power of education to get people out of poverty and help them empower themselves and I believe that sport has the power to get people behind a common goal and develop camaraderie and basic skills.

The Magic Bus programme of sport, activities and education to help empower youth to get out of poverty was very appealing to everyone at Mentoring for Change as we also really believe in its power to help children learn and get excited!

What fundraising activities have you done for Magic Bus so far?

We have been doing different activities to raise money, particularly since the covid-19 crisis in India.

  • Mentoring students and young professionals in return for donation
  • A burpees challenge, to do as many as possible in one hour challenge with friends
  • Hosting regular workouts for donations
  • Running quizzes to help raise money through lockdown

I know the situation in India is extremely difficult as I was there for a period of time as well. We may not have raised a huge amount of money, but in my opinion, every rupee counts!

How can people get involved with Mentoring for Change?

We would love to hear from anyone interested in our support. Simply get in touch via our website and tell us about your ambitions and motivations so that we can help you in the best possible manner.

Having gone through career transitions, been hiring managers, and accepted into reputed MBA programs, these are the avenues through which we can pass on our learnings. We will tailor the support to your specific needs. We provide support with CV reviews, interview prep, career guidance and MBA guidance.

We just request for a donation towards Magic Bus, for the education of underprivileged children, and your 100% commitment in return for our guidance!

What are your next fundraising plans?

My plan is to continue running HIIT workouts on a weekly basis for charity!

Mentoring for Change also welcome more mentees to sign up for our support. They will benefit from our insight, and Magic Bus by their donation, and we will encourage them to hold their own fundraising activities.

To learn more about Mentoring For Change, and get involved in their fantastic mentoring programme, you can visit their Website.

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