Case Stories

Below you can find a selection of stories from the Magic Bus programme all about how we’re helping children and young people overcome obstacles to a more prosperous future. Discover how Moshin decided to go back to school, how Priyanka became a leader in her community, and how Shashikant is following his dreams.

The Journey Back to School: Mohsin's Story

Mohsin was forced to drop out of school at the age of 13 in order to take up work to help support his family. A few years later he found Magic Bus and with our support, and the support of his mentor Sarfaraz, Mohsin returned to school and started on a path out of poverty.

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Mentor. Guide. Leader - Gulafsha's Story

Gulafsha lives in Bhalswa, one of Delhi’s poorest slum communities. She is a Magic Bus Community Youth Leader and is working hard to help improve the the lives of other children in her community, while following her dream of becoming a teacher.

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Turning Tables: Priyanka's Story

Priyanka lives in Tughlaqabad Village, a slum outside New Delhi. She has endured hardship and discrimination, all because she is a girl. With the support of Magic Bus, Priyanka has become a leader in her community, showing the world that girls deserve the same respect as boys.

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An Entrepreneur in the Making: Shishikant's Story

Shashikant faced almost insurmountable hardship growing up, forced to drop out of school at age 12 to help support his family. As one of Magic Bus’ first Livelihood Programme Graduates, Sashikant was able to find sustainable employment at a multi-national tech company and has a much brighter future.

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