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Introducing the Magic Bus UK Advocates

posted on - April 20, 2020

Magic Bus UK is proud to announce our partnership with some of the UK’s renowned actors, academics, sports people and influencers, including:


Seeta Indrani, Mamta Kaash, & Goldy Notay


Shazia Mirza

Celebrity Make-up Artist

Dimps Sanghani


Opinderjit Kaur Takhar

Television & Radio Presenter

Seema Jaswal

Hindi Singer

Avina Shah


Nitisha Patel


Sandeep Tak

Coming from a range of different backgrounds, our Advocates all have one thing in common: a commitment to gender equality, and to empowering girls and young women across South Asia.

“Looking back, I feel extremely fortunate, and privileged enough to have had access to all the educational resources I have ever wanted or needed, be it access to a library, a computer or the internet. I have also been extremely lucky to have had the love and support of my family to fully back my dreams and ambitions, even if it meant going against my social and cultural norms. I understand how many girls across the world do not have this privilege and I would love to do whatever I can to help girls to not only realise their dreams, but also reach their potential. I want girls to break the ‘glass ceiling’ and aim high. Life should be about more than just surviving, it should be about learning, achieving, growing and winning.”

Nitisha Patel

“I am a feminist and believe that if you empower young girls to cultivate their voices, skills and talents, they will be the humble warriors of the world, armed with self-sufficiency and the ability to become providers.”

Golday Notay

“We have got to stop damaging young human beings and help build a brighter present and future for them.” 

Mamta Kash

“I love Magic Bus, having been a teacher and worked with young people for most of my life, education I know is the answer for the future of these children, especially girls who may be forced to marry young.  Education is the key to their freedom.”

Shazia Mirza

We can’t wait to start working with all our Advocates to improve the lives of girls and young women across South Asia, and their support couldn’t have arrived at a more crucial time.

Children, young people, and their families, all over India, have been hit hard by the Coronavirus and the Government Lockdown, losing their sources of income and struggling to access food and medical supplies. Millions of lives are at risk, which is why our Advocates are supporting our COV:AID campaign to help some of the world’s most vulnerable people survive this humanitarian crisis.

 But we need your help too.

Donate to Magic Bus UK today and you’ll be saving lives by helping us deliver vital food, medical supplies and support to those that need it most.

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