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About Magic Bus

Over 30% of the world’s poorest children live in India. More than 115 million children and young people face extreme poverty, every day of their lives.

Using sport, play and mentoring as our tools, Magic Bus is putting India's most marginalised children & young people on the path from Childhood to Livelihood.

On their journey from Childhood to Livelihood, they'll learn the skills that will help them succeed in school, become empowered to avoid child marriage and child labour, find a secure job, and leave poverty behind for good.


Right now, Magic Bus is working with over 381,000 children and 30,000 young people across India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar.


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Source: "Ending Extreme Poverty: a Focus on Children" (2016)
from Unicef and the World Bank Group.

Together we can create a world
where children break free of poverty and lead fulfilling,
rewarding lives

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