Magic Bus has been running programmes for 17 years and is currently working with over 360,000 children and 8,500 young people across India. Read below for details on the impact Magic Bus is having as well as stories from the children in our programme.




95% of Magic Bus children have a school attendance rate of over 80%


98% of Magic Bus girls are in secondary school


Read how the educational opportunities of Magic Bus children have changed.




46% of Magic Bus children are girls


82% of Magic Bus children feel that sport is just as important for girls as for boys


82% of Magic Bus children believe that it is just as important to invest in a girl’s future as a boy’s


Read how gender is no longer necessarily a barrier for Magic Bus children.



72% of Magic Bus children follow good personal hygiene practices


100% of Magic Bus graduates believe that smoking is harmful


100% of Magic Bus graduates believe that sport is crucial to maintaining a healthy body and mind


Read how Magic Bus children’s health and hygiene practices have improved.




26% of Magic Bus participants have completed vocational skills training, compared to a national average of 2% for formal and 8% informal training for India’s 15-29 year olds


85% of Magic Bus young people enrol in our employability programme. 90% of these young people are in further education.


Read how Magic Bus graduates have secured employment.



The above information is taken from three recent studies:

1.       Praxis Impact Assessments in 2010 and 2012

2.       Baseline Study of children between the ages of 12 and 17 in 2012 (funded by Comic Relief)

3.       Study of Peer Leaders in the Magic Bus programme in 2011



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