Organise your own event

Magic Bus thrives on innovation, so we are delighted when individuals come up with their own fundraising events.


One of our favourites is Jane Hough, who organised a Bollywood night in her home:

 “We wanted to tell our friends about Magic Bus and raise some funds for the charity by doing something fun and enjoyable.  Organising a Bollywood Charity Night seemed to encompass everything about India that we love – music, dancing, great people and curry!  Needing no excuse to dress up, our friends certainly rose to the occasion by donating a variety of outfits including saris, lungis and tiger outfits. .. During the evening we played the Magic Bus video and later we ran a charity auction.   Prizes were kindly donated by local businesses who were interested in Magic Bus and we raised £600 from the whole evening.”



For more ideas on how to raise money for Magic Bus and have lots of fun at the same time, please download our fundraising guide and A–Z of fundraising ideas.


If you'd like to organise your own fundraising event for Magic Bus, please contact Coreen at or 020 7922 7717 to let us know all about your plans.


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