TOMS Giving Partner of the Year


Back in June, Magic Bus USA Executive Director Justin Reeves and Magic Bus graduate Parvati Pujari were invited to speak at the TOMS Global Sales Summit in Los Angeles.


The summit brought together 300 individuals from TOM's sales teams and distributors from all over the globe to recognise outstanding performance. Of the 70 non-profits who recieve shoes annually through TOMS' One For One giving model, Magic Bus was awarded the first ever Excellence Award at the summit as "Giving Partner of the Year."


CEO Jim Ailing and CGO Amy Smith said:

"Magic Bus and young women like Parvati Pujari continue to inspire TOMS employees and individuals around the world to give back."


To date, TOMS has given participants of the Magic Bus programme in India over 1.1 million pairs of shoes.

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