Visit to Magic Bus India

Earlier this month, Magic Bus UK team member Ellen Brooks visited the Magic Bus programme in Mumbai, Bangalore and Mysore. See some photos of her trip and read about the sessions she visited:




“Having the chance to visit the Magic Bus programme and see the work in action is a fantastic opportunity. In Mysore I met a group of Community Youth Leaders (CYLs) who before joining Magic Bus felt isolated in their community. Now they have made new friends, feel part of a group and have earned the respect of the children and parents within their community. This has given them the confidence to aspire to finish their studies and enter the world of work.


I also joined in with a Magic Bus session for 25 11-14 year olds in a nearby community. The enthusiasm of both the children and the CYLs conducting the session was infectious and they made no allowances for me in the game ‘cross the bridge’ which represents the challenges children face in attending school and lead to a discussion on how to overcome these challenges.


Meeting Magic Bus children and CYLs is hugely inspiring. They live in some of the most underprivileged communities in the world and yet, with the stabilising influence Magic Bus provides, are determined to move themselves and their families out of poverty.”


Read more about the Magic Bus programme and the impact it is having across India.




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