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Mysore, in the South-West Indian state of Karnataka, is famed for its palace, one of the most famous tourist attractions in India after the Taj Mahal. However despite this tourism, 46% of the population in Mysore lives below the poverty line with 30% of the urban population living in slum communities and 40% lacking basic facilities like clean drinking water, toilets, drainage and sanitation.


This is why Magic Bus knew there was cause for intervention and in October 2011 we launched the programme in Mysore. The programme has grown over the last few years and now reaches 17,380 children through sessions delivered by 625 Community Youth Leaders in a number of slum communities across Mysore.



One such community is that of Gousiyanagar where 679 children take part in Magic Bus' weekly sessions. In addition to the regular sessions, Magic Bus organises a number of community events such as a recent school enrolment rally. 260 children, 15 Community Youth Leaders, teachers, local community leaders and senior Magic Bus staff took part in the rally, marching through the community with placards highlighting the importance of education. The programme helped to raise awareness within the community and as a result ten children from Gousiyanagar were re-enrolled in school.


Outcomes such as school re-enrolment are something Magic Bus aims to achieve with the 250,000 children we work with across 14 states in India and results like these in Mysore show us that what we do works.



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