Happy Holi!

Today, 17th March, people around the world will be gathering together to celebrate Holi. They will mark the day by encouraging inclusion and community spirit and breaking down social divides. At Magic Bus, we believe that every child has the right to a better future, to move out of poverty and to be part of India’s economic success. With an emerging generation of uneducated, unhealthy and ill-trained young people about to enter the job market we believe it is our duty to train and enable them to earn sustainable livelihoods. Just like Sarita.


Sarita is a 19-year-old girl from Mumbai whose family migrated to the city to find work. At the age of 11 Sarita was told by her father that she could no longer attend school as the family needed her to help with household chores. She remembers that school was the only place she was ever allowed to go to outside of her home and so her life became extremely limited.


A few years later, Sarita learnt about Magic Bus and the local Community Youth Leaders encouraged her parents to allow her to join. Through the power of play, Sarita discovered that she had the capacity and will to achieve things she never thought possible. With the help of the Magic Bus Community Youth Leaders, she re-enrolled in school and secured a job as a seamstress, which brought in a sustainable income for her family. She trained with Magic Bus as a peer leader and is now an inspiration and role model in her community and successfully persuaded four girls to re-enrol in school. Providing economic power to her family has meant that Sarita now has more of a voice and respect in the household.


To help Magic Bus support more children living in poverty please donate this Holi and spread the joy for more than just a day.



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