End malaria for good

World Malaria Day, held every year on 25th April, provides a platform for Magic Bus to showcase successes in malaria control and bring together different community initiatives in tackling the disease. The theme for 2016 is End Malaria for Good. Eliminating malaria will make the world a better, safer place for future generations and enable millions of people to reach their full potential.


To raise awareness of this, Magic Bus organised a campaign on World Malaria Day in the Delhi community of Tughalkabad, where the programme is funded by the Wimbledon Foundation.


The campaign was divided in three parts:


  1. A cleanliness drive in the community to emphasise the need for cleanliness and prevention of diseases arising due to unsanitary conditions
  2. A rally organised to highlight the importance of World Malaria Day and malaria prevention
  3. A health camp conducted with 70 children and 30 parents and lead by two qualified doctors from the Delhi Medical Council.




Through these events we directly targeted 150 children and 70 parents and indirectly we reached out to 500 people, highlighting the significance of cleanliness and making community members aware that prevention is better than cure.


Thank you to everyone who supported and participated in this event.



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